Welcome to JLasan Photography!

It took me a while to figure out what to put in this section . There are so many things I can say  but I didnt want this to turn into an essay so I decided to do a FAQ section to tell you a little about myself:

What does JLASAN mean and where did it come from?

Family is very important to me so I wanted to name the business after my family but not in a traditional way. The “J” and the “L” are the first initials of me and my wife’s name. The “SAN” is a version of son because at the time I only had one child, my son. The name is made up of the entire family at the time and its easy to remember.

How did you get into photography?

I started out with a Kodak Easy shoot taking pictures of nature and random objects around the house… I didn’t really get good until I started shooting with a photographer named Shelby Lewis in Nashville back in 2008. He was an amazing support who allowed me to be his consistent second shooter at a couple of his weddings. Another major influence was the photographer who shot my wedding Kenny Nakai. He was the person who advised me to join the wpja and also how to take my composition, brand and equipment to the next level.

What do you like to shoot the most?

I love to capture life as it happens, unscripted. The best moments are the ones that naturally happen. My approach is to get involved as LESS as possible and just have my camera ready. Weddings, concerts, stepshows, and conferences are my favorite events to cover because there is son much going on. I try to make every photo tell a story and for the client to look back and remember exactly how they felt in that moment.

How many weddings have you shot and do any of them stand out?

I have over 50 wedding galleries in my portfolio and all of them have different moments that stand out because each couple has their own personality. One wedding that holds a special place was my very first wedding that I shot by myself in Nashville. It was a small, short wedding but it was the first time I had charged someone and completed the entire thing by myself. Another wedding that stands out was when I entered one of my shots in an international competition with the wpja back in 2012 and it took second place out of thousands of applicant from around the world in the cake cutting category! ( Click HERE to see the shot)